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Whether you are considering purchasing a new Porsche and want more reassurance, an Approved pre-owned Porsche that comes with reassurance as standard or are considering purchasing a warranty for your current Porsche, we’ve got it covered. Great relationships are built on trust. The Porsche Approved Warranty is a warranty perfectly tailored to your Porsche for complete peace of mind.

As you would expect from us, the scope of cover of the Porsche Approved Warranty is at the same level as our new car warranty. 100% Porsche. This means the Porsche Approved Warranty applies worldwide. It is effortlessly administered in every Porsche Centre, covering all components for 100 % of the labour and parts. There is never an excess to pay in the event of a claim and nor is there any mileage limit once the policy is activated.

Like your car, we want to ensure your Porsche Approved Warranty also stands for reliability and trust. This means openly stating what will not be covered under a Porsche Approved Warranty and why. As a Porsche ages, it can undergo visual and acoustic changes without affecting its functionality (e.g. cracks in the leather). Also certain parts are subject to ageing and natural wear.

For this reason your Porsche has scheduled service and maintenance intervals. Visual and acoustic concerns, wear and tear are not defects and are therefore excluded from the warranty. Highlighted below are the parts that are typically subject to wear and hence the cost of their replacement is unlikely to be covered by the warranty.

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